Chad In Leather
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I was placing stuff into my friends storage room and stumbled across this duffle bag with some strange things in it. My curiosity got the best of me so I looked inside the back to find boots, leather harness, a jock-strap and leather pants. When I saw the jock-strap it peaked my senses and I got kind of turned on so I removed my clothes and put on the jock strap. It fit so well and my cock & balls felt so good against the fabric of the jock I got instant hard-on and my cock kept on twitching as I touched my cock and felt my dick and balls. I continued to place on the boots and standing there in those boots and jock was really making more horned up so I decided to place the leather pants on and the harness. Now that I was all geared up, my cock was throbbing and I knew I had to take care of my cock by stroking it. I sat down and played with my cock as I stroked my hard cock up & down and played with my balls. I felt so hot and sexy in my leather gear, I envisioned my ass being pounded by two hot leather daddies as I stroked my cock harder and fast. With such a vision running through my head, my balls tighten up and I knew that my cum was going to explode, with a few more steady strokes, my cock was rock hard and I ejaculated my hot stream of cum jetting out of my cock in such a way that my orgasm was strong and my head was spinning and all I saw was large cums spurting out of my cock and landing the the futon. Afterwards, I was so amazed that I just sat there laying there with my cock in my hands. I think I'm going to dress up more in leather gear and explore my leather side!!!

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