Chad & Zachary
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The boys had some plans to hang out with friends at the beach but Zach got a call that the party was cancelled because it was a bit cloudy. Hanging out in my condo I was hoping that the boys would leave so I can get some rest. But now the boys are stuck in the condo with nothing to do, they decided to make there own party and get down with each other. Zachary half dressed just hanging out in his undies tempted Chad to grab Zach's bulge and started feeling it a bit. That allowed Zachary to make his move on Chad stroking his cock and sucking his dick. Zachary went down onto Chad's hard cock like a pro with him sucking and moving his tongue up and down Chad's cock was driving him crazy. Chad's cock was pulsating and you can hear Chads moans as Zachary sucking and jerked off Chad's cock. Then Zach decided to stroke the cock and lick Chads tighten sensitive nutsac. Zachary moved his tongue upwards Chad's shaft and from the bottom of the shaft worked his way up to Chad's cockhead. Chad's 8 inch cock was ready to explode as Zach would speed up Chad grabbed his cock pumped several times releasing his cum flying out of his cock spurts after spurts. The party isn't next week as its Zachary's turn to get his cock teased!!!

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