Chad & Zach
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It was a long day for both Chad and Zachary and the first day of college for them was a bit hectic and they needed to start studying. After a few hours of studying Chad was unable to keep his eyes on his books and he was eyeing Zach's twink boy body and his nice come suck me lips. Chad put down the books and told Zachary he no longer can study and needed a break as he was grabbing his crotch. To Zachary's surprise he notices that Chad is pulling on his now hard cock and he whips it out and Zachary helps his study partner out by grabbing his cock and stroking Chads perfect 7 inch cut cock. Both boys really do need a break and what away to get there minds off of school work by helping each other out. Zachary starts stroking Chads and then moves in closer and places his boyish lips around Chad's cock. Chad is moaning as he can feel Zachs moist warm mouth sliding up and down the shaft and teasing his cockhead. Chad with his smooth toned muscular body and Zach with his twinkish boy look, kind of looks like older bro getting his dick sucked from younger bro and younger bro really knows how to suck and tease his older bros cock. Zach then licks his balls and continue stroking the cock as Chad grabs his cock and starts pumping away as Zach kisses his nipples and kisses Chads toned body....Chad tenses up, lets out a huge moan and a huge amount of cum starts flying out of his cock spurt after spurt...this is a boygusher you really want to see!!!

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