Zach & Chad
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After we watched Zach give Chad a really nice juicy blowjob, Zach is a bit

horned up after watching Chad blow his hot load...and what a load it was.

Zachary was still in his jeans but couldn't wait for his buddy to unbutton

those tight jeans and release his cock. Once his jeans are off, Chad wastes

no time feeling up Zach's bulge as he licks Zach's smooth twink boyish body.

Chad is a romantic guy, taking his sensual time removing Zachs undies and

slowly slipping the cock into his mouth. Not rushing he feels the ball sac

and holding the base of the cock, slowly engulfs Zachary's cock. It doesn't

take long for Zach's cock to grow and with an 8" cut cock, Chad is licking

it up & down and teasing the head of the cock making Zach moan and arch his

back. Chad continues to suck and then stroke the cock place Zach on the edge

but not making him cum. Now once fully hard, Chad works on Zach's senesitive

cockhead using his tongue swirling around the now hard erect mushroom

cockhead driving Zachary insane that his moaning and breathing gets heavier

with each lick and stroking of the cock. Chad is teasing Zach's cock so much

that Zach can't stand it anymore and grabs his cock and starts stroking as

Chad watches him stroke and licking his nipples that Zach only has to take a

few strokes and busts his load letting out jets of hot jizz landing on his

stomach. Now these boys can get and hit the books!!!

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