The After Game Bro Job Bruno & Tony
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Tony and Bruno just came back from a great game of basketball just chilling
out a bit and bored so Tony puts on the DVD player to watch a movie but by
mistake one of his porn videos was left inside the DVD player so the boys
decided to watch some porn instead. As the porn was heating up so were the
boys and they started grabbing there dicks and rubbing there cocks but Tony
had other ideas and reach over and grabbed Bruno's bulge and started feeling
his growing hard-on. Tony then pulled down his shorts and started stroking
Bruno's cock and then Tony decided to be a bit more daring and reach down
and started sucking Bruno's cock. Tony must have did this a few times before
as he took his tongue and licked from the base of the shaft and worked his
way up to Bruno's sensitive head and licking his balls. Bruno just laid
there and enjoyed the blowjob. As Bruno's cock swelled and pulsated, Tony
took it nice and slow stroking the shaft and licking his balls Bruno
squirmed a bit and moaned with pleasure as his body started to tighten up.
Tony knew at any moment that Bruno was about to bust and Tony was hungary
for Bruno's hot cum to spurt out. He then sucked faster and with that
Bruno's body tensed up as he ejaculated and fresh gusher of cum spurting out
hitting Tony in the face as Tony tasted the juices coming out and licking up
Bruno's cum. What a way to end the day with a good ole fashion blowjob from
your buddy.

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