There He Blows Again!
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After we finished watching Bruno getting his cock sucked, Mitch was all
horned up and ready to go so he rolled over and Bruno placed his hand onto
Mitch's bulge and rubbed his cock as it was getting hard. Mitch just laid
back enjoying his cock being fondled. Bruno teased the cock then removing
the undies and started slowly stroking Mitch's cock. As Mitch's cock grew
harder, Bruno slide his hot lipps over the cock and started socking the
shaft and the sensitive cock head. With every suck, Mitch moaned a bit out
of pleasure and arched his back as Bruno swirled his tongue around the cock
and holding the shaft, Bruno speeded up his efforts and started blowing and
storking Mitch's cock faster and deeper. Mitch loves having his cock played
with and Bruno is really making sure that Mitch is enjoying each sucking
sensation. Bruno that takes a firm grip of the cock and continues stroking
and teasing the balls with every so often licking Mitch's body and nipples
and stomach. At this point Mitch's cock is throbbing and Bruno switches from
jerking him off to sucking to the point that Mitch no longer can handle it
and with a few more strokes, Mitch's cock explodes with cum spurting out.
Bruno is making sure every last drop spills out as he continues stroking and
more spurts are being released as the last drops of cum just oozes out and
what a relief it is for Mitch having that cum being release after a day of
being built up. Now these boys can start they day out!!!

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