Edge Play With Bruno
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I decided to invite Bruno back and jerk him off again but this time I had different plans. I decided to tie him up and edge his cock. After week of not jerking off or ejaculation, Bruno was really horned up and ready to blow!!! I had him tied up just sitting in the chair in his undies. I approach him and play with his cock getting him and then removing his undies. I lubed up my hand and stroked his cock slowly at first. His cock sprang to life pulsating but I decided to play and slide my lubed fingers on his cockhead and stroked his shaft and played with his ball sac. He started squirming a bit and moving around and he was so excited his cock was ready to explode so I stopped stroking and just felt his balls and feel his toned smooth chest and stomach. I then continued to stroke and as soon as I felt his cock throb, I slowed down my pace to the point he was telling me he was about to cum, but I refused to stroke his cock to orgasm. As I felt his body, I can feel his body tensing up especially around his abdomen and around the base of his cock. As I continued with a steady stroke he again told me he was about to cum so I let go of his cock holding his base of his dick, he couldn't control himself and the first jets of sperm ejected out as he moan, I stroked his cock again and he let out another gusher of cum as streams of hot cum oozed out. After his orgasm, I got up and left the room to let him savor in his orgasm.

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