All Tied Up And No Where To Go
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Today on Boygusher we welcome back Angel. After I jerked him off last week I
wasn't able to get him off my mind. His cock was so sensitive that his
precum kept on oozing out and that turned me on so much that I asked him to
come back and I wanted to tease his cock. He was willing but didn't think he
was going to be tied up and blind folded but after a bit if convincing he
was down with what I wanted to do. I tied him to the chair and then blinded
folded him and then stepped out of the room. I told him to sit there and
think "happy thoughts". About 15mins later I came back and saw him just
sitting there in the tighty whities with a semi-hardon. I sat down next to
him and started feeling his bulge and rubbing his chest. He seems to like
his nipples touched and rubbed so with one hand I rubbed his nipples and
with my other hand I was rubbing his bulge. I notice his cock got hard so I
placed my hand underneath the waistband of his undies placing my hand onto
his cock and feeling his warm throbbing dick as I slowly rubbed it. I
removed his undies now exposing his 8 inch cock and his low hanging balls. I
took my time as I felt his shaft and felt his balls as I stroked upwards, a
large amount of precum oozed out as I can feel his cock pulsating as if it
wants to cum. I knew better then to release his hot cum so I slowly edged
him. I decided to bring it up to the next level and apply some lube onto my
hands and that did the trick, his sensitivity increased and I increased my
up & down motion and I felt his cock was ready to explode, I let go and
again another large amount of precum oozed out. As I held his cock in my
hands I just watched as he moan as the clear precum just oozed slowly out of
his cock. At this point he wanted to cum so bad he was begging me to jerk
him off fast but I knew better. I stroked him faster but then turned my
efforts on stroking his cock head which he moaned and started to pump his
hips and again as I held the base of his cock, another large ooze of precum
spills out of his cock head. Angel was so on the edge and the feeling was so
intense for him that again he started to beg but this time I made him beg me
some more and he bleeded with me to let him cum. I obliged and again, I took
a firm grab of his cock and with steady strokes my fist went up & down and
with my other hand I felt his now sensitive nipples, I continued pumping and
as soon as he came so close I stopped and holding his cock he unleashed his
first spurt of cum, ejecting from his throbbing cock, his cock pulsating in
my hand, it twitched and several spurts of cum ejected out of his penis and
then I stroked it again as he grunted and moan letting out more cum that
flew out of his cock landing on himself and onto my hands. His cum shot was
a classic boygusher scene and I don't think we will see the last of him.

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