Returning The Favor
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After I sucked off my buddy James to wake his ass up to go to work so he
won't be late. I was so horned up, didn't want to waste this hard-on so I
told my buddy James to return the favor and start touching and playing with
my cock. I don't think James have seen such a huge cock before and was he
stroked it, my cock got rock hard. As he placed his lips onto my cock, he
had a hard time taking my monster into his mouth but I enjoyed the fact he
stroked my cock and as I pre-cummed into his mouth it was like lube and he
was able to suck more of my cock and get it down his throat. He really loved
using his tongue and teasing my cock as my pre-cum drained out, my cock got
really sensitive as he took his hand and start playing with my balls and
licking and sucking my cock. I start to feel the pressure building up and I
was ready to shot my load, I warned him and he removed his hot mouth and
stroked my cock from the base to the tip as I wasn't able to hold off, my
cum flew out of my cock spurting jets of hot come. He was amazed as he
continued to stroke and get all the drops out of my cock as the jizz ran
down his hand as I was finished with my release and felt much better that
now the both of us can start our day on a happy note!

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