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Jose wanted to try something new and was willing to try, being hooded and tied up and blindfolded. I didn't tell him what I was going to do to him, but what he did know was that he was going to be tied up and blind folded. Just sitting there waiting Jose wasn't sure what was going to happen to him. I entered the room and started touching his smooth toned chest working my hands down to his belly and then grabbing his crotch and feeling his semi-erect cock. I stroked his cock which sprang to life as I removed his undies now exposing his erect dick. I can't imagine what was going through his mind but the touch of my hand made his cock twitch and throb as I applied lube onto his cock, his body intensed up and started to shake some as he balls tighten, I slowed down my stroke and then took out the fleshjack toy. I lubed that up and his cock and now I slid the fleshjack around his cock. He didn't know what was happening but I guess the feeling was so great that he moaned as I pumped the fleshjack up & down on his hard cock. With every stroke of the fleshjack, Jose was falling deeper into exctasy as he was ready to pop his load. His body was so tensed up and his cock throbbing I removed the fleshjack and stroked his cock with my hand, all lubed up, the feeling was driving him crazy and I can tell that he was ready to pop so I placed the fleshjack back onto his cock and speed up my efforts to really get him close. Jose was on the edge so I removed the fleshjack and jerked him off with my hand, this time he let out a grunt and his hips moved up and he let out a huge load of cum spurting out of his cock as it oozed and squirted onto my hand and onto his stomach.

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