Breakfast In My Bed
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What a great way to start the day as Dante wakes up all horned up and
wanting to suck his Angels cock. Angel has a huge cock and all night long
Dante felt Angels cock prod him a bit throughout the night. Dante finally
had enough of Angels hard throbbing cock poking him so he reaches over and
grabs Angels morning wood and starts stroking it and it doesn't take long
for him to get super hard. Angel has a huge thick cock and Dante's small
mouth wraps his lips around the huge mushroom head and starts to suck and
tease Angels cock. With each slurp you can tell Angel is loving his morning
blowjob, breathing and moaning Dante is really doing a great job giving
Angel head but Angel wanted to check out Dante's firm tight ass so he turns
him around to check out that firm ass that Dante is sporting which makes
Angel really turned on. After some ass teasing, Dante turns around and with
some good strong strokes and a combination of stroking, Angels cock leaks
some precum and his body tenses up. Dante can tell he was about to blow as
Angels body tensed up and his ball sac tighten up and Angel released the
first spurt of jizz flying out of his cockhead as Dante was so amazed and
continued to stroke the huge cock faster and harder, Angel unleashed more of
his cum with lots more spurts of cum showering his body and all over Dantes

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