Breakfast In My Bed Pt 2
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After Angel gave us that impressive cum shot, Dante is all horned up with a huge hard on and Angel just can't leave his buddy all round up so as all good buddies do, Angel grabs Dante's hard cock and feels it a bit before removing his undies. Dante with his smooth toned body and erect cock just loves having Angel's hand wrapped around his cock and stroking it up & down. Then Angel slowly slides his moist hot mouth around the cock and starts sucking teasing Dante's cock. Moaning and groaning, Dante just loves it as his cock is being sucked on as he arches his back and feels the joy of somebody servicing his cock. Angel plays with his cock and ass and continues to stroke and suck as a few drops of pre-cum ooz out of Dante's cock. As Dante's body intense up and his ball sac tightens you can tell he was ready to release his hot load but Angel skillfully knows how to control the control with his combination of stroking and sucking and speeding up and slowing down, he drives Dante crazy and all he wants to do is blow his load. As Dante can't hold it any longer, he leans his head back and as his body tenses up, Dante release spurt after spurt as Angel strokes his cock as every drop of hot cum ooz out of Dante's cock. 

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