Bro Job
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Bruno and Juan was hanging out for the day and decided to come back home and
hang out watch some TV, or do whatever comes to
mind. Since there was nothing on TV, Bruno suggest a Bro Job and Juan said
that he will give him a quick handjob instead. As Bruno removes his shorts
and exposes his limp dick, Juan grabs Bruno's cock and started stroking it
but Bruno's cock had no reaction the Juan's handjob so Bruno just asked him
to suck it so Juan said if he sucks the dick, then Bruno has to return the
favor so all was in agreement and Juan place his moist warm lipps around
Bruno's cock as he moved up and down on the dick, Bruno started getting hard
and his cock was point upwards and throbbing. Bruno loves getting his cock
sucked and you can tell by his reaction to his bro giving him a good nasty
blowjob. Juan sucked and stroked Bruno's cock and played with his balls as
the two really started getting into sucking the cock. Bruno's cock was solid
rock hard and throbbing as Bruno's body tensed up and no breathing heavier,
Juan increased his motion of sucking and stroking that Bruno wasn't able to
hold off any longer and shot out several spurts of cum as Juan continued to
stroke Bruno's cock oozed and dripped out the last few drops of cum, but as
the orgasm goes down, Bruno now has to return the favor and suck & stroke
Juans cock....

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