Tickled And Jacked
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Jordan like being tied up and having his cock played with so on this episode
of Boygusher I decided to make his fantasy come true as he was tied to the
chair just wearing his favorite undies and blindfolded. Not knowing what was
going to happen to him I crept up and started feeling his sensitive nipples.
When your blindfolded and one of your senses have been taken away,
everything on your body becomes a lot more sensitive as with his nipples as
I continued to rub and pinch them as his cock grew and rubbed my hand down
his chest and onto his bulge. I placed my hand onto his bulge and felt his
cock springing to life as it grew so I placed my hand underneath the
waistband and felt his pubic hair and warm cock. Feeling his shaft and
balls, his cock started to spring to life when I removed his undies and
lubed up his cock as I slowly rubbed and stroked his cock every so slowly
teasing the cock while playing with his sensitive nipples and moved me hand
to his armpits and teased and felt his armpit hair, being ticklish, I teased
him more while tickling his pits while stroking his cock. I can feel he
liked being tickled and stroked as his cock became rock hard in my hands.
His balls tighten up and I can tell he was on the edge and ready to bust, so
I took out the fleshjack and placed it over his cock and moved the fleshjack
over his cock with a steady motion as he was almost about to pop. I slowed
down the pace and let go of his throbbing cock and I refused to let him blow
his load as I was in control of his cock. I stroked his cock some more and
then placed the fleshjack back onto his cock and slowly kept the steady pace
of the fleshjack going up & down his shaft, I can feel he was unable to hold
his load so I removed the fleshjack and stroked his cock as he grunted and
spurted out hot cum as strings of hot cum was spurting out, I continued
stroking until I got every last drop of his cum out of his penis.

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