Ryan & Sergio At It
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Now that Ryan got his cock sucked its Sergio's turn and he is ready and all horned up. Sergio really loves to kiss and when he kisses, he gets super turn on. Ryan works his way down and licks Sergio's nipples while grapping Sergio's bulge and feeling Sergio's hard long cock. As Ryan makes his way down, he releases the cock and start sucking on Sergio's long uncut cock and Sergio is super sensitive to Ryan's tongue as Ryan sucks and deep throats the cock make Sergio squirm as Ryan works on his balls and jerks the cock its driving Sergio crazy with intense passion as these two boys are so much into each other. Sergio grabs his cock and starts stroking as Ryan looks at him sucking his nipples and playing with Sergio's balls. Sergio is an aggressive player as he wants Ryan to suck his cock more and the combination of stroking and sucking tenses up his body and his cock is super hard, Sergio grunts and lets out a deep breath as a large amount of cum spurts from his cockhead spurting out jets of white cum that lands on his stomach and onto his hands as his orgasm goes down, both boys just lay there with there orgasm after glow.

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