Slob On The Knob
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Now that Jeremy drained his balls and had his orgasm. Chris had a hard on
and ready for his turn. As Chris sat back Jeremy grabbed Chris's dick
started feel his bulge while kissing him and licking his nipples. Chris was
really enjoying it and was ready for his intense cock sucking session.
Jeremy pulled out Chris's uncut cock and started stroking it. Chris loved
the firm grip and the stroking action was turning him on even more. When
Jeremy went down and
started sucking the cock, that really drove Chris crazy and took Jeremy's
head and placed him to suck harder and faster and deep throated his cock as
he was choking and slurping on the cock. Jeremy is an aggressive bottom boy
but loves to suck cock and Jeremy was doing a really good job as Chris's
hips would push upwards into shoving his cock into Jeremy's mouth. Chris's
cock was throbbing as he took hold of his cock and started stroking his cock
while Jeremy was licking his balls which made Chris very ticklish and
started laughing as Jeremy continued to lick his balls. Chris's body tensing
up and ready to reach his orgasm with each stroke, Chris cock exploded with
cum flying from his cock was spurts of hot cum,bursting out of his cock
jetting out as he continues grunting and moaning as he strokes all the cum
out of his cock with just oozes of cum just drooling down his cock and onto
his hand. This is how you start the day!

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