Edging Carter
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It seems that many of these boys like to experiment with being tied up and
have there cock teased and Carter is no exception. He heard how erotic it
is to be tied up and blind-folded and have his cock teased and he trusted
Mr. Hand to help him out. Just sitting there in his undies all tied up,
looking at this smooth toned body and his bulge in his undies was really
turning me on and I couldn't wait to feel his cock. I approached the chair
and placed my hand onto his smooth chest and rubbed his nipples a bit then
sliding my hand and rubbing his bulge I can feel his cock getting harder
with every touch. I continued feeling his cock as I removed his undies and
felt his cock in my hands as he got super hard.  I rubbed it gently and
steady but I knew that once I took some lube and apply it to his cock it
would drive him crazy and make his cock more sensitive.  I applied some lube
onto my hands and his dick and stroked it fast and then slowed down as I
teased his cock. I felt his cock throb in my hands and pulsate and his balls
tightening up. He continued moaning and breathing hard as I teased the head
of his now sensitive head of his dick. I continued to tease and stroke his
cock for several more moments and I started stroking faster as his body was
squirming and I knew he was about to bust so I firmed up my grip and his
body tensed up and he started cuming and oozing out his cum onto my fist and
onto his stomach as I pumped out all the jizz from his cock.

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