Seth Gets Edged
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Seth is our newest boygusher dude that was willing to be tied up and have his cock teased. Keeping an open mind I tied Seth up and I left him sitting there in his tighty whities for about 15mins not knowing what was going on since he was blindfolded. Sitting on the chair waiting tied up and blindfolded I approached him and started to play with his nipples. Once I played with his nipples I discovered how sensitive he is and his cock grew in his undies. I started to grope his crotch and his dick instantly started getting harder. Seth has a really nice 7" cut cock and a very smooth toned body. I removed his undies exposing his naked smooth toned body as I felt his smooth body and slowly moved my hands down his chest then grabbing his cock and heavy balls again, I started to stroke his cock. He moaned alot when I played with his balls and I figured Seth also had very sensitive balls and he was really getting into my touching him. I applied some lube onto his cock as I stroked it a bit faster and then slowed down as I was rubbing his nipples he was really turned on by this as he was really moaning and groaning with me teasing his cock, balls and nipples. As I slowed down, I can feel his cock was rock hard and pulsating in my hands. I slowed my stroke and switched my hands to rub on his chest and feel his firm nipples. I can  tell he liked it by his breathing and being blinded folded his sense was heighten and I can't imagine what was going through his dirty nasty mind. As I stroked his cock faster, his body started to tighten and I guess he was about to bust so I slowed my stroke down just teasing his cockhead which drove him nuts. I can tell all he wanted to do is cum so I stroked a bit faster and his cock got super and he couldn't keep control and lost it as his cock exploded with hot cum shooting out as I continued my steady strokes, he continued to grunt and shoot out more cum that landed on my greasy hand and his chest and stomach, now more the sensitive, I slowed down my stroke and more cum oozed out as I stroked every last drop of cum out of his balls feeling his very sensitive nipples.

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