Tyler's All Tied Up
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As you recall the last time we saw Tyler is when I woke him up and stroked
his morning hard-on. We did find out that Tyler really enjoys someone
stroking his cock and he is a fan of the boygusher site and wanted to know
what it would feel like being tied up and having Mr. Hand stroke his dick.
Mr. Hand prepared him and tied him up to the chair and blindfolded him. I
notice he liked it because he started getting hard. Mr. Hand  stripped him
down and left him just wearing a hot jockstrap. As I secured his wrists to
the chair, I then blindfolded him and I left the room. When I return, he was
super horned up and ready!!! I started slowly by stroking his cock through
the fabric of his jock and feeling his smooth toned twikish body. I placed
my hands underneath the jock and I can feel his cock twitching and
throbbing. I then took his dick out of his jock and stroked it a few times.
I gently wrapped my hand around the shaft of his cock and stoked it up and
down. I can tell he really liked it a lot as his hips were moving and his
breathing increased. I then applied some lube to my hands and the
sensitivity of his cock increased as I continued to stroke his cock and play
with his balls. Tyler doesn't have the largest dick, but its fat and fit
comfortably into the palm of my hand. I continued pumping his dick with the
firm grip of my hand. At first I did it slow to tease his cock and then I
speed up the motion as I kept on pumping his rock hard cock. As I continued
pumping his solid cock in my hands as I grabbed his balls and continued
stroking until he let out a burst and popped his load shooting his cum all
over my hands as I pumped the last squirts of cum out of cock. How Tyler
came, I think he really enjoyed being all tied up!

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