Lube & Latex
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Welcome back Calvin Collins sitting alone in his rubber latex, helpless,
tied up and blindfolded. He seemed to be very interested in rubber latex and
being tied up and this is his very first time. We left him alone in a quit
part of the studio for a while. Mr. Creepy Hand comes in and starts touching
him and playing with chest rubbing the latex as his growing cock started
bulging through his jockstrap. After getting him hard, Mr. Hand can't resist
but to lightly rub his chest again. Since Calvin is now very sensitive he
starts moaning a bit and being all tied up and nowhere to go and can't do
anything about it. His cock sure gets hard as Mr. Hand continues to stroke
his huge cock while tickling him with his other hand. Having Calvin's rock
hard cock being pumped by Mr. Hand, Mr. Hand then takes out the Fleshjack.
Calvin has no clue what is about to happen as Mr. Hand lubes up the cock and
lubes up the Fleshjack. Mr.Hand slowly inserts the Fleshjack onto Calvin's
long throbbing cock. This got his attention and the feeling drove him nuts
and a few times Mr. Hand had to pull it off to avoid premature ejaculation.
Mr. Hand slows up and speeds up a few times and continues to stroke and
tease Calvin's throbbing cock until he can't take no more cock torture when
Calvin releases a boygusher load of a cum shot!

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