Foamy Goodness
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Today Mr.Hand is going to jerk off Jacob and his hung cock. Jacob hasn't jerked off or had sex for at least 5 days and is ready to blow his creamy load. It doesn't take long for his throbbing cock is ready as Mr. Hand lubes up the cock and his hands and starts stroking. As Jacob is blindfolded he has no clue what Mr. Hand is doing to his cock. Stroking up and down and then letting go to bring Jacob to the edge but he can't seem to cum. With his cock pulsating and ready to blow, Mr. Hand has full control of Jacobs cock as he gets closer to orgasm but ruin by Mr.Hand when he stops. Then Mr. Hand introduces the fleshjack to his cock. As Mr. Hand slides the toy over Jacob's cock, this intensifies the feeling and now Jacob is to the point he is super rock hard and his cock is throbbing as Mr. Hand teases and strokes the cock.  A few drops of pre-cum leaks out of his piss slit as Mr. Hand continues to apply lube and slowly strokes his cock then removes his hand building up the pressure for a great explosion of cum. Jacob is at the point he wants to cum so bad and he is moaning and is really feeling his nuts ready to explode as Mr.Hand steadily strokes the cock as Jacob releases his 5-day built up sperm blasting out of his cock with Mr.Hand pumping every drop that his foamy goodness of sperm is all over his body and dripping out of cock. Nothing like a good edge session for a intense boygusher scene.

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