A Gift For My Boyfriend
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I was stood up again from my boyfriend so when I woke up and noticed he wasn't there I was really pissed off but I was also very horned up thinking that my boyfriend and I would be having sex so I decided to jerk my cock and play with my balls thinking what it would be like having sex with my boyfriend. Just thinking about how hot he is and having him suck my cock and we both fucking each other really made my cock swell and made my dick get really hard. As I stroked my cock and thinking about him, my cock leaked a lot of pre-cum helping me lube up my cock as I rubbed my pre-cum all over my cock as I stroked slower and teased myself which made me super horned up. I grabbed my balls and played with them as I stroked faster and grabbed my cock really firm and start pumping my hand with the fantasy of fucking my boyfriends tight ass. I stood and continued stroking and feeling that I was about to cum. I felt it building up more and more and I was about to release my huge load so I pointed my cock at his pillow and shot my load landing on his side of the bed and onto his pillow, I stroked until I  got out all my cum as I watched it ooz out of my cock dripping onto his pillow, that is the gift I gave my boyfriend for not showing up and when he finds his pillow full of my cum, this will remind him not to stand me up for next time.

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