Squeeky Clean
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Today I woke up and had to get ready for work. I was so horned up and haven't jerked off in several days. I played with my bulge and teased my cock before heading into the bathroom and taking a shower. I took off my undies and got into the shower and soaped up my body and my hands couldn't stop playing with my cock as I stroked my dick and played with my balls. The soap was all over my body as I cleaned my ass feeling my anus with the soap pretending it was lube. I washed my body off still stroking my cock. After drying off, I just didn't want to start my day being so horned up so after I dried off, I sat down on the sink counter and started to stroke even harder playing with my balls. It felt so good and I could feel that my dick was ready to explode. With a few more steady strokes, I felt my orgasm ready to explode and since I didn't jerk off for several days, I felt a very strong and powerful force come over me as my cum shot out of my throbbing cock shooting onto my upper body and spurts of warm cum kept on shooting out as my strong orgasm tensed up my body that I groaned and moaned until every last drop of cum oozed out of my cock head. Now I feel better about starting my day!

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