Milking Elis
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Elis hasn't jerked off or had sex in a while and he is ready for his dick to be played with but in this episode of boygusher we are changing things up a bit. Mr. Hand already has Elis prepared and he's been siting and waiting for a while. I can't imagine what he has been thinking. He tried to relax and lie back in the chair waiting for Mr. Hand to make his move. Mr. Hand finally enters the room feeling Elis's smooth boyish body slowly working his hand down to his white brief undies, feeling his bulge and feeling that Eli's cock was growing and getting harder. Mr. Hand pulls off Elis's undies and starts stroking the dick. Stroking and jerkin on the cock is really making Elis feel good and with his sensitive dick and the fact he didn't cum in a while, Elis's cock was throbbing as Mr. Hand continued to jerk the dick until he pulls out a surprise. He has a FlashJack and this is Elis's first time having it used on his hard dick. With the blindfold on he had no idea what had just enclosed his cock, but he did know that it felt good. His dick got even bigger and he started to moan and groan as Mr. Hand rocked that FlashJack all over his cock. It doesn't take long for Mr. Hand to make Elis cum like a whore with that FlashJack attached to his hard thick dick. He pulls that cock out and continues to stroke hard and fast and as Elis takes on last moan and groan he looses all control and his dick explodes its load all over his chest and Mr. Hand's Hand.

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