My Secret Spot Part 2
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Now that Gray just came, he pulls up his pants and starts leaving until Zach wants to show him his secret spot. It seems in this part of the woods, there are a lot of secret spots. Gray was down with the journey as Zach and him walk a few feet away into a sink hole of sorts, Zach then summons Gray to start sucking his cock. Gray starts to unbutton Zach's pants and pulls out his cock as Gray now starts to blow on Zach's long cock. As Gray is no his knees, he really knows how to suck on this twink boys cock and Zach is enjoying every moment of his cocksucking hike. Zach's cock is throbbing hard and very erect as Gray strokes and sucks on the balls and really giving Zach and deep messy blowjob, Zach's cock is so rock hard he can't help but to start breathing heavier and groaning and Gray knew at any moment that Zach was about to explode. Zach  grabbed his cock and started jacking it really fast as Gray opened his mouth waiting for Zach to bust and there as no shortage of that as Zach let out his last groan and busted his spooge which left a nice mark of cum on the wooded floor.

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