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Lawrence is a troubled teen that I took into my house. He came out to his parents a little after his eighteenth birthday and they reacted by throwing him out. It all started when I was going through the newest profiles on my favorite hookup site. This beautiful boy popped up on my screen and I could not resist instant messaging him. We spent hours talking to each other the first night and eventually met up. I wanted to film it the first time we fooled around with each other, but all I could convince him to do was this video, where he doesn't show his face. If you ask me, I will tell you that I am not into videos where you do not see the guys face. The truth is that I actually love them. I like to visualize my dream guy in my head so I wanted to bring you this video so that you can do the same thing. The mind is a wonderful thing and I know you will work magic using your imagination and the imagery of this hot young twink with a beautiful cock and perfectly smooth body. The video starts out with me feeling Lawrence's cock through his underwear. I got so worked up doing this that I had his underwear off and that hot boy cock in my hand in record time. As you can see, he has a perfect 18-year-old cock. He has not really discovered manscaping yet, but I think that is a huge turn on. I am so tired of guys with perfectly coiffed pubic regions; Lawrence is au natural there and naturally smooth everywhere else. He is a true twink by definition. I jerked Lawrence off until he came. He never had to use his own hand, which I found to be hot. He gave me complete control of his cock, which was a major turn-on. Lawrence delivers a great cum shot and his cum runs down the head of his cock and into my hand.

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